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Saved In Time


I became involved in rescue in early 2006 when I answered an ad in a local newspaper for a photographer to volunteer to take photos of shelter animals.  I quickly became a foster parent and a foster failure by adopting my second foster, Journey.  Through the years, I morphed in my abilities to volunteer in the rescue world.  I have always loved animals and the unconditional love they provide.  I found myself volunteering my time and resources to a variety of causes: Feeding pets of the homeless and low income, fostering, doing home checks, processing foster applications, and transporting. 

Ah, transporting… passion.  There is nothing like it.  Taking a shut-down animal out of the shelter.  Each passing mile provides safety and a sense of relief that is palpable.  The gratitude is displayed by a timid lick on the hand, a small tail wag, a nudge for an ear scratch, and then the clincher….settling down to sleep on the ride once they know they are safe.  There is NOTHING like it.  Every animal deserves a second chance.




Journey, a foster failure

Chelle has a full-time day job and runs RANT as well.  She has transported for years and knows first-hand what the shortage of transport drivers means in the rescue world.  She believes each animal she transports saves TWO lives:  The life of the animal exiting the shelter, and the life of the next animal entering who now has an open space available.  It is a never-ending cycle. 

Once a rescue partner commits to take a shelter animal, moving them out of that environment is crucial.  Shelters are over-crowded, under-funded, and rely heavily on volunteers in the rescue community to keep euthanasia rates low by transferring animals.  Often, a ride out of the shelter to the rescue or foster home is the BIGGEST obstacle encountered in saving that precious life. 

Chelle recognized the great need in her home state of Utah for a nonprofit specializing in transportation and RANT was born. 

The rescue is currently working to raise funds for reliable transport vehicles to move our furry friends to safety.

With rescue dog, Dixie Denver, a senior who suffers from canine dementia

The Crew

Be Part of the TEAM


Rescue takes a village!  We always need sponsors and team members to support our work.  Getting involved is EASY!  We need funds to fill our gas tanks, fund our transport, service our vans, and insure our precious cargo.  Who we move and how many we save depends on YOUR support and ability to spread the word about the work we do.

Cooper, a senior Labrador, rescued after being tied to a shelter fence at night after being abandoned by his previous family